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Q-Camp 2022 will be held on Vashon Island, just a quick ferry ride from West Seattle. Located on Quarter Master Harbor, the property is nestled in the verdant green space, quiet trails, and seascape vistas that make Vashon Island so special.  Lodging is in a hotel style dormitory with 3 persons per room, each with a private bathroom. Pillow, bedding, and towels are provided. Separate tent sites are also an option on this property. Meals (standard or special dietary) are prepared by the staff and enjoyed family style as a group.


The 2022 event on Vashon begins on Friday, August 26th at 4:00 pm and concludes just after 4:00 pm on that Sunday, August 28th.  Weekend participants are asked to arrive Friday and remain until Sunday.

Q-Camp is an alcohol free, drug free, and attitude free event.  Smart devices and other distractions of technology are discouraged at this event.  


Vaccines!  Just like last year, we are asking all attendees to provide an image of their completed Covid-19 vaccine card upon arrival at the event.  We will also require an attestation of receiving the vaccine no later than two weeks prior to the event at the time of registration.  


Back for 2022: Tier level accommodations.  Time. Money. Energy. Today everyone has different resources at different times and we are fortunate that this property can offer a wide range of accommodations for everyone.  Pricing for 2022 is listed below:

$255.00 each - Double occupancy at the retreat center. Priced per person and mutually agreed at registration.  You and your designated other get the room to yourself with private bath.  Bedding and towels provided.

$240.00 each - Triple occupancy at the retreat center.  Priced per person.  We provide two options.  Room assignments can be all mutually agreed at registration or you let us pick your roommates.  For those who have been to this property before you know this set up is very comfortable with a bath configuration that allows for plenty of privacy.  Bedding and towels provided.


When we reached our guaranteed minimum registrants at the retreat center additional accommodations will be made available:

$210.00 each - Cabin dormitory priced per person.  Located across the road from the retreat center.  It is classic CAMP where you bring your pillow, sleeping bag, and towels with a shared bathroom.  You still have full access to all of the common space at the retreat center with the full Q-Camp experience.  

$190.00 each - Tent sites priced per person.  Located across the road from the retreat center.  It is classic CAMP where you bring your pillow, sleeping bag, and towels.  Separate shower space provided.  You still have full access to all of the common space at the retreat center with the full Q-Camp experience.

All the priced options listed above include your meals, lodging, entertainment, personal growth and meaningful connections for 3 days Friday to Sunday.  Keep scrolling down to see more of what happens at Q-Camp.

And back again in 2022  - The Day-tripper!

Just $69.00 each - a phenomenal deal for anyone.  Already have plans Friday or Saturday Night? Maybe you have another commitment that Sunday or committing to the entire weekend just won't work for you this year.  Consider being a Day-tripper. 


Day Trippers are welcome to arrive anytime after 9:00 am on Saturday. It includes lunch, dinner and all of the programming available on Saturday until the last ferry leaves that night back to West Seattle.

Q-Camp 2022 scholarships are available.  Click the blue button below to get started.  The process is easy.  In a few sentences tell us why you want to go to Q-Camp and why you need a scholarship.  First time attendees are given first priority and applicants may be wait-listed until funds are available.

Ready to register for Q-Camp?

Click one of the blue buttons below to get started or keep scrolling down to learn more about what happens at Q-Camp.


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What happens

at Q-Camp?



There is a lot going on at Q-Camp!  Some activities are facilitated and others are less structured.  You are welcome to participate in as many or as few activities as you want.  You are invited to relax and get to know the other men creating this weekend experience with you.

Hiking - There are miles of trails with beautiful vistas!

Volleyball - Always easy to get a game going!

"The Studio" - Art, Adornment, and Costume design

Sunbathing, boating, and swimming - Don't forget your sunscreen!

Star Gazing - Lay out and watch the breathtaking expanse with some new friends. 

"The Hammocks" - Meditation, Friendly chats, and Naps

Workshops - Presented by you or your fellow Q-Campers

Plus - We encourage you to initiate an activity yourself as the spirit moves you.

Friday Evening Event - As soon as  you arrive a "break the ice and mingle" social to welcome you before dinner, then dinner, program introductions, and a movie.

Saturday Morning - Guest Presenter on Men's Health

Saturday Afternoon - Naps, Hikes, Boating, Swimming

Saturday Evening - Game Night and Social

Sunday Morning - Workshops, Classes, Art, and Recreation

Sunday Afternoon - Talent show, pack up and goodbyes

* Schedule subject to change

Nightly campfires with s'mores and gourmet popcorn like you never had before.

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