Weekend Before Labor Day


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Q-Camp is what you make it!


You and the men who attend this event make it spectacular!

Here are some things you can do before you arrive:

1. Tell your friends you are going! Many of the guys who attend Q-Camp say they decided to attend based on feedback from others who are planning to attend or have attended in the past.

2. Think of something you can offer for this event. Consider providing a workshop on a topic you know, providing a ride, scholarship, or sponsorship for another guy attending Q-Camp. Volunteer some time during the event, bring a new game that is fun to play, or a few tracks for the music playlist, prepare an act for the talent show, or simply bring an open heart for what happens here.

3. Join us on Facebook or Meetup by clicking on the icons below. Most of us stay in contact before and after the event through social media.  Get ready for new friend requests outside your bubble.

4. Get packed and get ready! If you are staying at the retreat center, towels, pillow, and bedding are provided. Just bring your toiletries and a beach towel. Otherwise throw that sleeping bag in  your car now.  Q-Camp 2021 is a drug and alcohol free and device free facility.  Leave your smart phone in your room and try just a wristwatch for the weekend.

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5. Plan your trip to Q-Camp! Consult the Fauntleroy ferry schedule and car pool with a friend to make the trip more memorable.

6. Show up!  It is normal to be a little nervous if this is your first Q-Camp.  If you do change your mind or need to cancel, the cancellation must be received two weeks prior to the event for a full refund.  The two week mark is when we give our final numbers to the venue we use.



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