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Responding to the events of 2020

Responding to Covid 19:

1. Meeting via remote. Prior to the pandemic our board meetings were already held by conference call.  We continued to explore new methods of connecting virtually as the pandemic continued thru 2020, 2021 and 2022.

2. Communicating with our business partners.  In the first month of the pandemic we reached out to our venue Camp Burton and made sure we could postpone the event.  We rescheduled the event for the weekend of August 27th, 2021.  We are planning for one of those warm idyllic weekends in the Pacific Northwest when the "touch of fall" is still several weeks out.

3. Following the advice of our state health officials. There are now effective vaccines available and we wait for an appropriate percentage of the community to be vaccinated.  Until you are vaccinated, spending extended periods of time together with people outside your household increases the risk of contracting Covid-19.  Reducing the amount of time spent around those outside your household, meeting outside, and always wearing a mask in those situations reduces that risk. 

4. Your safety is our safety. Simply put, if we did not think we could do the event and keep everyone safe it wouldn't happen.  We have adjusted our policies and responded as this health crisis continues.

5. Proof of Vaccination:

There is no way we could possibly do this event responsibly without making a few additional changes.  Let’s get the easiest part out of the way first:

Vaccines!  We are asking all attendees to provide an image of their completed Covid-19 vaccine card upon arrival at the event.  We will also require an attestation of receiving the vaccine no later than two weeks prior to the event at the time of registration. 


Finally, this year we have added some new features to our registration page so that no matter if you are signing up as a couple, a covid-pod, a cohort of besties, or a single guy who is coming alone for the first time, we have the right room arrangement you are looking for. 

For now, stay safe everyone and get vaccinated.  More information about our event will follow and registration will be opening soon.  You can help us our right now by telling others about the event or letting us know if you are interested in joining us this year.  It would be great to see you in person.


The Board of Q-Squared

Responding to Racial Injustice

The mission of Q-Squared Men is to improve the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of sexual minority men by building a stronger sense of community, increasing individual responsibility, and improving self-esteem. We do this regardless of race, background, or financial resources. 


Our organization condemns racial injustice and believes systemic racism can only be addressed when everyone is engaged and educated on the issues.  


We support peaceful public protests of injustice.

We believe individuals, organizations, and institutions should be held accountable for their actions within our public systems.


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